Care for you,
and the ones you love most.

Nurses or Caretakers on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis to receive personalized care in the comfort of your home.

Experience the bliss of healing within the comforting embrace of your own home, surrounded by the love and attention of your cherished ones. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of frequent hospital visits, tiresome travel, chaotic traffic, and never-ending waiting lines.

Welcome to afifa Care, where we provide you with skilled and certified nurses who will personally visit your home to administer various medical procedures. From injections and infusions to wound dressing, catheterization, vital checks, vaccinations, and more – we ensure the utmost quality of treatment right at your doorstep. Embrace the convenience and peace of mind that comes with receiving top-notch healthcare without leaving your sanctuary.

High Quality



Proficiency, Mastery, and Productivity. Home-based Immediate Caregiving Offered.

Enhance your healing journey with the perfect blend of Experience, Expertise, and Efficiency. Introducing Nursing and caretaker care at your doorstep, providing you with the ultimate convenience and relief from the stress of daily hospital visits.

Imagine the luxury of receiving exceptional care in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by your loved ones. At afifa care, we understand the importance of a healing environment, and we believe that being in familiar surroundings accelerates the recovery process. That's why we offer short term nursing procedures that minimize your need to travel to a hospital every day.

Personalized Home-Based Care

afifa Care offers tailored medical care designed to address your specific needs, as recommended by a qualified doctor. From comprehensive management of medical requirements to post-discharge follow-ups and short-term nursing assistance, we provide end-to-end support in the comfort of your own home.

Time and Cost Savings

Bid farewell to lengthy waiting lines, tiresome travel hours, and the frustration of traffic. With Afifa Care, you can conveniently schedule appointments at your preferred time, allowing you to save valuable time and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Highly Trained Nurses

We prioritize the quality of care by employing only board-certified and experienced nurses. Our team consists of skilled professionals, many of whom possess over 10 years of experience, ensuring that you receive top-notch care in the comfort of your own home.

Packaged and Sterilized Kits

Your safety is of utmost importance to us. That's why we utilize packaged and sterilized kits for all procedures, strictly adhering to Universal Precautions and Sterilization Techniques. By maintaining a hygienic environment, we minimize the risk of infection and ensure your well-being.

Commitment to Quality

At afifa Care, we are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care. Regular training sessions are conducted for our nurses to keep them updated with the latest processes and methodologies, ensuring that you receive exceptional quality service at all times.

Expertise in Healing

We understand that every patient's needs are unique. That's why we assign a nurse to each patient based on their specific requirements, ensuring personalized care and effective healing throughout the treatment process.